Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beach Cookies

You know that saying, "Be careful what you ask for"? A few weeks ago, I was so anxious for spring to arrive when it was snowing in late April that I wrote a blog post about it. Well, today it was over 100 degrees here in Minnesota. 100+ degree days are very rare here and practically unheard of in early June!

I've learned my lesson, so no letter to Mother Nature this time. Instead, I'll share some beach themed cookies with you! If you can't beat 'em - join 'em!

I think these flip flop cookies are probably my favorite cookies that I've done yet. To make them, I started out with a foot cookie cutter.

Then I trimmed the cookie to the shape of a flip flop.

After that, I used the flip flop cookie as a stencil for the remaining foot cookies. It helps to have firmer, chilled dough at this point so put them in the freezer or fridge if they are getting too soft.
To decorate them, I first outlined and flooded the flip flops. Then I added a design right into the wet cookie. Finally, after waiting 30 or more minutes, I added the straps to the flip flops.

I also made beach balls.

Some flowers.

And, of course, suns! These suns were made from a sunflower cookie cutter. I first added a circle of yellow icing to the center of the cookie. Then I added the sun rays in three steps, waiting about 30 minutes between each step in order to give some depth and texture to the cookie.

I have to say, summer isn't my favorite season and this heat is miserable, but these cookies definitely help!

Stay cool!


  1. Ack! Those are sooo cool!!! I love them : )
    Also, just a heads up... the embedded comments section is not allowing people to log in and leave comments from their Google Account. I changed my comment section to the pop up version and it worked again.
    So cool to find another Apple Valley blogger - we even started our blogs in the same month!

    ~Kristin @ Kadburyis.blogspot.com