Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day BBQ Cookies

Happy Memorial Day weekend! My hubby and I are heading up to my dad's house for a barbecue this afternoon. He smoked a pork shoulder and ribs and I am very anxiously waiting to eat them later! It was supposed to be storming today here in Minnesota but we got a perfect day - partly cloudy and 70!

I wanted to share with you some cookies I made for the weekend. They are barbecue/picnic inspired.

I made hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, suns, strawberries, and some caterpillars. Most of these were made from using cutters I already had and then trimming or reshaping the dough. 

The strawberries were a football cut in half and trimmed.

The suns were a sunflower cutter with every other petal trimmed off.

The hamburgers were made from a smooshed small circle cutter and the hot dogs were made from a "1" cookie cutter along with two circle edges for the bun.

The caterpillars were made from a question mark.

And finally, the watermelon. They were made by cutter a circle in half. I used a small flower cutter to make the bite.

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend and get the chance to grill, get outside, and spend time with friends and family!


  1. Thanks, for the cookies, Lo!! They were DELISH! And soooo cute! :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed them, Mo! And that your family saved you one ;-)