Sunday, March 25, 2012

Owl Birthday Cake

This weekend I had the chance to make another birthday cake for one of the little girls from the Fairy Birthday I got to do a couple months ago. This time for the belated celebration with her family. 

This was a really fun project. It all started with a little inspiration provided by the birthday girl's mom (which was seriously awesome - I don't think I could make that in Paint!):

It was super helpful to have an illustration to go by. She also mentioned that she preferred more realistic owls than some of the popular cakes that are floating around Pinterest that are just simple oval shapes that look like owls.

I took the .jpg she provided and blew it up as big as I thought would fit on the cake while leaving room for the inscription. Then I printed it and used a gel transfer to outline the shape of the owl. After that it was a matter of coloring in the lines.

I got my inspiration for the body portion of the owl from this cake by iambaker. For the owl I used Wilton #10 tip.

I wanted the head and face of the owl to have some texture and look fairly realistic but still cute. I used a Wilton #5 tip to pipe little spikes.

The inspiration and the final product:

I think this may be my favorite cake I've made yet. I'm just in love with this little owl!

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