Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flip Flop Cookies: Remix!

We recently had some of my husband’s family in town and I wanted to make some cookies for them. The flip flop cookies I made a few weeks ago were my favorite cookies to-date and I thought our family would like them – especially the kids. Instead of making the exact same cookies, I decided to... embellish them a little.

This was actually really easy. First I made some royal icing flowers on wax paper. To make these, I
- piped a center for the flower, waited 10 minutes
- piped three non-touching flower petals, waited 10 minutes
- piped the remaining three flower petals
- set them aside to dry for a few hours

Next I outlined and filled the cookies and let them dry for about a half hour.

After all of the cookies were done up to that point, I removed the royal icing flowers from the wax paper.
Then I piped the strap onto the flip flop...

After that I just plopped the flower right onto the wet strap.

They were almost too cute to eat but we managed! ;-)

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  1. I love how every Flip Flop is unique - and each one is super cute! :)