Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scrabble Wedding Cookies

This weekend I had the privilege of attending the wedding of my childhood neighbor, David, to his beautiful bride, Erin. His family moved in next door to mine when he was three and I was five. Poor David had to put up with so much growing up - he had one sister and lived next door to two girls. We played with Barbies, collected beads, and made up roller-dances in the driveway. Hopefully he wasn't too scarred from all that! I don't think so. He's going to be a brilliant chemist and is now married to a great girl!

I saw these adorable Scrabble cookies on Bridget's (from Bake@350) at few months ago and have been wanting to try making them since then! I thought this was the perfect occasion for them.

I don't have a square cookie cutter so I had to get creative. I used a ruler to mark off 1.5 inch sections and then used a pizza cutter to cut along the length of the ruler.

Once the cookies were cooked, I outlined and flooded them and added the letters.

Here's the final product:

I decided to put them in a jar.

I made this little tag for the jar because I realized it probably would be hard to tell what this random set of letters was supposed to be.

I attached it to the jar with red ribbon.

Congrats again David and Erin! I'm so happy for you two and wish you the very best!


  1. Cuuuuuuuute!!!!!!
    Awwww...Davey is married....weird. Still. :)

  2. Thanks Mimi! I know, it's so weird! It was a great wedding though and you looked gorgeous! :-)

  3. Yummy....they look so cute (and tasty!)

  4. Just pinned this to Pinterest...LOVE how you made the tag :)