Monday, June 27, 2011

Wilton Flowers & Cake Design - Weeks 2 & 3

I've procrastinated when it comes to writing about weeks two and three of Flowers & Cake Design (FCD). We haven't followed the course book so it's a little difficult to write about.

My instructor decided to have us learn the majority of the flowers for the whole course during week two using buttercream rather than royal icing which the book instructs. I actually didn't take any photos because, since it was buttercream, we just wiped them back into the tub of icing we brought.

We also learned the basket weave during the second week - I believe it's normally taught during week four.

During week three we learned the Wilton rose and the lily.

The instructor didn't have us add the flower center and the stamens, though I have practiced them at home since for my final cake.

I really love the roses...

They are so much easier than the ribbon rose we learned in Decorating Basics. I've been practicing these since last week's class as well for the final cake.

I actually like working with the royal icing better than buttercream. My instructor said that buttercream was easier since it doesn't dry out as quickly so it would be easier to work with. However, I find that royal icing makes smoother lines and prettier decorations.

This Wednesday will be the final class for FCD. The last class will essentially just be used for assembling our final cake. Royal icing decorations have to be made in advance of placing on the cake - they harden almost as hard as a sugar cube.

Yesterday I went ahead and made all of the flowers for my final cake. I decided to do a 4th of July theme. I'll just leave this photo as a teaser. I'm looking forward to putting everything together on Wednesday!

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