Friday, April 29, 2011

Monogram Birthday Cookies

I've been looking for a reason to try royal icing transfers. Today is my step-sister's birthday and I thought that would be a perfect occasion for some monogram cookies!

I wanted to do her initial as well as flowers.

I started by going into Word and picking out a font I liked and typing a bunch of “N”s. I did a couple different sized fonts (wish I’d have gone even bigger) and printed it out.

Then I taped the printed sheet to my table and taped a piece of wax paper over it.

Then I just colored in the lines.

When these dried I found they were still pretty brittle so I went over them with a second layer of icing while they were still on the wax paper. A thicker consistency royal icing probably would have helped with this.

In the meantime I also made some flowers on another piece of wax paper.

Several hours later, when the letters and flowers were dry, I started outlining and flooding my cookies. For these cookies I didn’t let the outline dry before flooding, I just used 10-second flood icing to outline and immediately flood the cookies.

To create the polka dots I just piped small drops of icing onto the wet cookie. They blend in for a smooth look.

I added the royal icing transfers directly onto the wet icing - I didn’t wait for it to dry. I wanted them to nestle in a bit rather than adhering them after onto a slightly rounded dome of icing.

These were really fun to make!

Happy Birthday, Nicole!

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