Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Cake Pops & an Edible Easter Centerpiece

Easter is coming up quick! We are heading out of town tomorrow to celebrate Easter with B’s side of the family. B is an accountant and this is the first weekend since being released from the bondage of tax season (yay!!). It will be nice to get away for a few days.

I had an idea for an edible centerpiece using cake pops and cookies. So while making cake pops this week, I decided to make some easter egg cake pops as well.

Working with the melted chocolate was quite a humbling experience. Certainly not as easy as it looks! My eggs didn’t turn out like I had envisioned.

They don’t exactly scream Easter... In fact, they pretty much look like a hot mess.

And, I'm not positive, but this one may or may not be getting ready to hatch a tiny dragon...

But, oh well, Easter must go on!
As for the cookies for my centerpiece, remember my cookie experiments last weekend? I wanted to try making cookie pops and mini cookie pops.

These are actually a total snap! I'm definitely looking forward to more excuses to make these. 

For the little cookies I just rolled the dough out like I normally would for my cookies.

I inserted the toothpicks carefully and baked as usual.

Then I just cooked them as usual. It was really that easy!

These would make such a cute topper for cupcakes. You could use any shape or even cut out letters to spell someone’s name.

For the big cookie pops I rolled my dough extra thick, just shy of half an inch, and cut out cookies like normal. While the dough was still raw, I gently inserted a 6-inch lollipop stick into the cookie. It goes it pretty easily if you twist it slightly while inserting it.

I flipped my cookies over to check if the stick had broken through the dough on the bottom side and in three out of four cookies, it had. On those ones I just took a little dough and pressed it flat with my fingers and patched it up. Then I put that side face-down on the pan.

I cooked them a couple minutes longer than usual since they were so thick.

They cooked up beautifully and the lollipop sticks didn’t catch on fire in the oven so that’s a plus! Not that I was irrationally worried about that or Googled incessantly in preparation to make sure it was okay.

But all was well and they came out great!

Tonight I decorated the big and small cookies, dressed up a small vase-thing I had, and ta-da! An edible centerpiece.

What about you... Any Easter projects? Or, cake pop projects gone bad?

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  1. Wait, are you saying the third picture down doesn't scream Easter and looks like a hot mess? 'Cause unless you posted the wrong picture, you are some kind of crazy perfectionist! They look great!! And the finished product - wow! A thing of beauty. I wish I had one-tenth the patience and concentration you have to accomplish such a thing :) I also wish you were around during E and L's birthdays. I have to develop some basic baking skills or they will never have an interesting cake! lol