Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fairy Birthday

Two weekends ago was all about Butterfly Birthday cakes. The following week I got to work with my friend/coworker, Amanda, on Fairy Birthday cakes for one of our coworker's daughters. It was actually a double birthday party for two little girls from the same playgroup - both turning 2. The order included 36 cupcakes and two 6-inch birthday girl cakes - and of course I had to throw in some sugar cookies as a little surprise!

My coworker's wife, Laura, had a bunch of ideas pinned on Pinterest which provided a lot of inspiration for the cakes. The theme was Fairies and the main colors were pink, purple, and green. We decided on three cupcake designs.

1) The purple sparkly cupcakes
This photo doesn't do the sparkles justice. I used a product called Disco Dust on them and they were very sparkly. It was the first time I used it and I *love* it!!

2) The grassy flower cupcakes
I made some pink and yellow flowers and I had some white and purple flowers left from the butterfly birthday cupcakes.

Amanda piped on the grass which turned out so adorable!

3) Butterfly cupcakes
I made chocolate butterflies in yellow and pink, the same process as I did the week before for the Butterfly Birthday party.

Finally it was time to decorate the cakes. I didn't quite have a plan when I started.

I knew I wanted some leaves and flowers on the base so I started with that.

Then Amanda and I looked at them for a bit and decided to place the names in the cake to make sure they were front and center. I made sparkly royal icing transfers for the names - my new favorite method!

Then we piped some grass for the birthday candles and the fairies that we'd been given.

And that was it! Except for one final element that I couldn't add until we set up for the party. Stars for the cakes!
I made these over two days. The first day I piped on royal icing stars onto pre-formed cake wires I got at Michael's. Of course, I sprinkled some sparkles on the wet icing. The next day I flipped them over and piped stars onto the reverse side along with more disco dust.

That was it for the cakes. But I thought the little fairies at the party needed some magic wands. Enter cookie pop magic wands! The birthday girls got monogram ones with matching ribbon and the rest of the kids got polka dot ones.

And, so the parents wouldn't feel left out, I made some extras for them too.

Finally it was time to set it all up and reveal all of our sweets to the parents of the birthday girls.

This project was too fun. I'm so happy we could bring joy to the families and help them celebrate this very special occasion! Happy Birthday, Kylie and Liliana!

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