Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wilton Decorating Basics - Week 3

Last night was the third week of my Decorating Basics class. This week we decorated cupcakes and started learning some buttercream flowers. For this class we had to bring 6 cupcakes and two batches of frosting pre-colored. While it was a bit of work making, dividing, and coloring all of the frosting, it was really nice not to have to do that in class. More time for learning new things and practicing!

First we did some practice on the practice sheets that come with the class kit. We practiced drop flowers, a shell border, and a couple different kind of leaves. Then we got to make our first pom pom flower. This was the first time we got to use a flower nail.

We also practiced frosting our cupcakes with the 1M tip.

Finally, we learned the shaggy mum flower. This one was harder than it looked.

This class was really fun. It was my first time really decorating cupcakes and I really like it! Cupcakes are easier than cake because you can mess up on one and not have the whole project messed up. :-)

Next week we'll make our final cake and learn the ribbon rose. Can't believe the class is almost over!

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