Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Cake

Happy Memorial Day! Today I want to say a special thank you to all of the men and women who have served our country - past and present. My husband and I have several family members and friends who have served, or are preparing to serve, in various branches of the armed forces. I know how hard it can be on those close to those serving so thank you to the families of service men and women as well - the sacrifice you make is incredible. And to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice - your life for our country - we remember you today. Thank you.

To celebrate Memorial Day, I wanted to make a cake. I have been dying to try a ruffle cake. If you haven't seen one before - and I hadn't until recently - here is, I think, the original

I think ruffle cakes are adorable and I seem to be finding them everywhere online. Here's my twist for Memorial Day. It would be perfect for 4th of July as well!

First, I did a crumb coat on the cake and put it in the fridge for a while.

Then I just picked a place to start and did the first ruffle column and marked where I wanted the next one to go. I used Wilton petal tip #104 for the ruffles. 

Making the ruffles is easy. With the thick end of the tip closest to the cake, and the opening perpendicular to the cake, move the tip back and forth until you reach the top of the cake.

Then I just kept adding columns.

I ended the columns level with the top of the cake.

After this was finished, I sat staring at the cake, trying to figure out how to finish off the top. Here's what I came up with.

I just started in the middle, using the same tip. I kept the thick end of the tip towards the center of the cake at all times. I just kept adding rings of ruffle icing around the cake until it was completely covered. Here's the final product.

When doing the top of the cake, I found the center of the cake by putting dents in the frosting on the top of the cake and then spinning it around while looking at it from the top. The dot that appears to stay put is the center - assuming your cake is centered on your turntable.

I think next time I might use a tip that would yield a less thick ruffle - probably a #103, or even a #102. I mean, I like frosting... a lot, but it was a little thick.

I was very happy with how it turned out...

And it tasted even better!

I can't wait to try another ruffle cake - my head is already spinning with possibilities!

Have you tried a ruffle cake - how did it turn out? Have you seen someone do a cool twist on the ruffle cake? Post a link in the comments - I'd love to see! 


  1. Thank you! I'm totally addicted to ruffles! :-)